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Pat O'Brien 15-Mar-2018 - Broadford Parish, Co. Clare from 1800-1850 'Estate Houses of the area and the lives of ordinary people'

Pat O'Brien CRS Talk Broadford Parish 15 March 2018.mp3

Claire Bradley - “Civil Registers the Game changer: How online access to the civil registers has forever changed Irish genealogy"

CRS- Mar 2017 Talk - Claire Bradley GRO Records.mp3

David Brady-Browne-  “The History of the Brady-Brownes of Newgrove Tulla”

Brady-Browne Talk 19 Jan 2017.mp3

Mar 2007:  Paddy Waldron: O'Hallorans of Sixmilebridge (see summary at this link).

YouTube video “Don’t believe everything you’re told:Researching the O’Hallorans of Sixmilebridge

(Larry to contribute title and introductory text here)

RTE Census Interview 08-Apr-2011.mp3

(Larry to contribute title and introductory text here)

ClareFM Census Interview 08-Apr-2011.mp3

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