Clare Roots Society lecture 15th February 2018: The Industrial School child in Ennis 1880-1911 by Jane O'Brien

Clare Roots Society lecture 15th February 2018:  The Industrial School child in Ennis 1880-1911 by Jane O'Brien Jane O'Brien is a native of Ennis-she holds a Masters degree in local History from the University of Limerick and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in History at the National University of Galway. She is the owner and operator of the award -Winning Company Ennis Walking Tours and has been running historical tours of the town for many years. Venue: Old Ground Hotel, Ennis, Co.ClareTime: 8pm


Clare County Library resumes accepting submissions for website

Clare County Library has just announced that they are resuming accepting submissions for their website at  The documentation will be reviewed on a quarterly basis for uploading to the website (see the announcement on the Clare Past Forum at )


Miltownmalbay baptisms 1858 – 1881 posted by Sheila Duddy on Clare Past Forum

Transcriptions of the Miltownmalbay baptisms 1858 – 1881 have been posted by Sheila Duddy on the Clare Past Forum at together with notes on the etymologies of the names she found there.


Planning a visit to Clare - a vade mecum

Genealogists visiting Clare might like to browse the Check-list and Tips for Family Historians Intending to Visit Clare in the Clare County Library "Clare Past" forum. Apart from Clare research tips it lists some important points that one might like to take into account when planning the trip. It's a forum thread so the indigenous and experienced Clare genealonauts are welcome to add suggestions and/or corrections.


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The Clare Roots Society, brainchild of Ennis man Larry Brennan, was formed in April 2006 as an amateur family history, genealogy and heritage group in County Clare. The Society meets once a month in Ennis, and had over 390 members by November 2017. Anyone with an interest in tracing their family tree is welcome to join. Some members are experienced genealogists while others are novices in the field. In addition to local members, we have some 'virtual' members who live overseas but who follow our genealogy activities via email, and dream that they are in County Clare*. Many of these overseas members participate heavily in Society transcription projects. Activities of the Clare Roots Society are advertised in the local press and in the Ennis Cathedral bulletin. The society works in partnership with Clare County Library in order to add to the wonderful fund of genealogy information already available on its website

* Individuals who live abroad and wish to participate in the Society's projects (e.g. transcription projects) can become members by sending their names, addresses and email addresses to the Secretary. Their names will then be put on the mailing list so that they are kept advised of Society events and projects. Until or unless they become resident in Ireland they will be exempt from the annual Society subscription. An annual subscription fee is levied on members who are resident in Ireland and thus able to participate in the Society's activities in person.

Donations: some people who have been delighted with the assistance they have received from CRS members have asked to be able to donate to the Society. They can now do so via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below. Donations to the Society allow us to finance, for example, projects, equipment, speakers' honoraria and expenses, and the acquisition of data collections.





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